Bespoke engineering services

EMClarity has a long and successful track record in microwave radio product engineering innovation in Australia. In 2013, EMClarity partnered with EM Solutions and CSIRO to engineer  the world’s fastest E-Band (70 to 80 GHz) radio providing 10Gbit/second throughput over 20km with ultra-low latency for high frequency financial trading applications.

EMClarity engineers led the project team to design all aspects of the complex system including Antenna and millimetre bandwidth E-Band feed, RF Up and Down-converters, radio electronics, power supply, modem, 23GHz beacon signal tracking and pointing control system, Network Management system software and all mechanical / environmental aspects.

The E10G radio prototype came to life in early 2014 tested in Brisbane during a hot summer. Following the successful performance tests, EMClarity designed and built the production version of the system in partnership with international suppliers of key components for installation in New Jersey, USA.

Since the company’s inception in 2010, EMClarity engineers have designed and manufactured the entire E-series of microwave radios listed on the Products page.