EMClarity and Huawei alliance

Brisbane microwave engineering company EMClarity today announced the formalisation of an agreement with Huawei to re-sell Huawei Microwave radio products into the Australian market.  EMClarity CEO Dr Richard Harris said, “Huawei off-the-shelf products will complement EMClarity’s own range of bespoke-designed, purpose-built ultra-rugged microwave radio products. Hauwei microwave products are extremely capable and highly cost effective. They will be extremely attractive for many of our customer’s applications. They match excellently with EMClarity’s bespoke solutions which are especially suited to the unique range of harsh, extreme conditions found in the Australian environment”. 

EMClarity will distribute and install the Huawei OptiX RTN 900 Hybrid TDM/IP Microwave Transmission Systems and the OptiX RTN 300 Microwave Transceivers.

Dr Harris said “EMClarity is delighted to partner with Huawei and recognises the Microwave products from Huawei enable EMClarity to offer our customers a wide choice now.”

Peter Rossi, CTO at Huawei Australia said, “With the availability of our new innovative enterprise solutions and expanding our product portfolio across Australia, we want to give Australian businesses choice. More importantly give them the ability to efficiently run and service their business needs through our end-to-end solutions.”

In the last ten years Huawei has invested globally $24 billion (US dollars) in Research & Development. These leading edge products are the result of this investment and it’s exciting that Australian businesses and organisations now have the opportunity to consider these products as part of their ICT solutions said Mr Rossi.

The Huawei OptiX RTN 900 Hybrid TDM/IP Microwave Transmission Systems provide flexible radio transmission equipment delivering high-availability microwave links for TDM, IP-based, and hybrid networking. These products will be supported in the support for Australian licensed frequency bands in “7/8/11/13/15/18/23/38”GHz and “7/14/28/40/56”MHz channel size. 

The Huawei OptiX RTN 300 Microwave Transceivers comprise highly integrated, outdoor microwave transmission equipment for building and extending high-availability broadband networks.

About EMClarity 

EMClarity’s business is about delivery of dependable, reliable and high-performing microwave link solutions for customers in challenging locations or otherwise technically demanding situations. For many years, EMClarity has designed, built, installed, commissioned, supported and repaired its own Australian-made high-quality, Telco-grade microwave radio products for remote area customers working in harsh environmental conditions. 

Contact: Dr Richard Harris, CEO 

About Huawei

Building a better connected world. Working closely with partners, Huawei endeavours to build an efficient and integrated digital logistics system which will enhance interconnectivity and interactivity – between people and people, people and things, and things and things – to spark infinite opportunities and potential for everyone everywhere and to move the world forward.

Contact: Michael Zhuang, Sales Engineer, Huawei Australia

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