Solving Backhaul Headache

Although the NBN promises to bring broadband data and internet on fibre to most Australian homes and businesses, industry executives know that hundreds of thousands of Australians, particularly those in regional Australia, will still require radio access to reach the nearest fibre node. Even in larger centres, many suspect that wireless backhaul will still prove to be more flexible, cost effective, and faster to deploy than the proposed fibre alternative. Untethered access will always win out against tethered if throughput is the same, particularly if it costs less.

To meet this demand, and that of Australian businesses seeking to strengthen their own corporate networks, without the delay, rigidity, and expense of traditional telco solutions, new Brisbane-based company EMClarity has developed the perfect solution – its Ethermux 620- series range of high capacity radio links.

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In The News

  • [ 1st August 2014 ]
    Spread Networks orders new Low Latency fibre speed radio from EMClarity
  • [ 1st April 2013 ]
    EMClarity leads prototype development project for worlds lowest latency E-Band radio
  • [ 1st January 2013 ]
    EMClarity and EM Solutions obtain Queensland Government BITI grant for Microwave products