EMClarity designs and builds better microwave communication systems for difficult places and technically demanding applications

Peter Baines
General Manager

Peter joined EMClarity in June 2017 to take the lead executive role and build on the successful foundation established by Richard Harris and the team.  He has more than 20 years experience in leadership roles in the wireless and telecommunications industry, including general management roles with telecommunications operators, IT managed service providers, original equipment manufacturers, wireless solution distribution companies and software R&D businesses. 

Peter holds double first class honours degrees in mathematics and physics, and a PhD in physics from the University of Otago.  He is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a graduate of the Independent Institute for Business.  He volunteers some of his spare time to serve on the committee of an industry forum.  He has lived and worked in Australia, New Zealand and the Netherlands (working throughout Europe) and has business experience in Asia and North America.

David White
Head of Operations

David has been responsible for project managing the design and installation of RF systems for major Australian Telcos, mining industry clients in remote locations and managing the final assembly, quality assurance, delivery and oversight of the installation new flagship E10G radio products for a major American customer’s network into the New York and NASDAQ Stock Exchanges in New Jersey USA.

David has more than 14 years’ experience in the design and installation of RF networks and more than 24 years’ experience with IP networking and security, proficient in Cisco, Juniper, HP and other environments. During the past 17 years he has worked designing and implementing networks utilising technologies including fibre, microwave, copper and satellite, both in Australia and abroad. David also has experience in the design of electronics systems, working previously in electronics R&D, and managing large software and database projects.

David managed the rollout of a large microwave network in NSW for to provide broadband coverage for regional areas of NSW, and managed a large project for a European based internet payment gateway company, to redesign their infrastructure and relocate them from the USA to The Netherlands. This included the network design for high availability, security design to meet PCI-DSS compliance, managing teams and equipment and service procurement across the globe for the client. More recently David was lead RF and network engineer for design of a large 4G WiMax network including core computing and business systems design and implementation, transmission and IP network design

Jamie Dougall
Chief Engineer

Since joining EMClarity, Jamie’s priority has been to lead the re-engineering of the prototype E10G Up and Down converter designs. Jamie also engaged a specialist manufacturer to undertake automated die placement, die attach and wire-bonding to reduce component manufacture time from 20 hours to 1 hour. Jamie drove the development of new automated testing procedures to reduce test time from 1 day to less than 1 hour but with a 10 to 20 fold increase in the number of measurements.

From 2012 to 2014, Jamie was a design engineer for Micreo, an Australian company focusing on design and manufacture of RF MICs and subsystems to global defence companies, where he acquired a deep understanding of electronic systems product engineering under an AS9100C certification for design and manufacture of RF, microwave and photonic products with an emphasis on reliability for harsh environmental conditions. Jamie had significant practical hands-on design engineering experience with leading design software tools in the areas of wideband receivers, wideband synthesisers and Military Standard qualification testing.

Jamie is also proficient in software architecture, design and development for embedded and PC based applications in modern programming languages. At EM Solutions, Jamie was a senior design engineer working on satellite communication systems where his work covered the fields of microwave and electronic design, embedded and cross-platform software development, microwave oscillator design and systems integration. Jamie’s experience at EM Solutions also afforded him the opportunity to become familiar with high-power microwave electronics across L,C, X, Ku and Ka band satellite communication systems, monitoring and control electronic systems, embedded and PC software applications, 2D and 3D modelling tools and AC / DC power supply systems.  

Jamie has a Bachelors Degree in Engineering (Aerospace Avionics) and is a passionate outdoor adventurer with interests in orienteering and mountain bikes.

John Hofman
Service and Support Manager

John is EMClarity’s Service and Support Manager. As one of the foundation employees of EMClarity, John knows the customers and their systems. He is on-call for support service as and when required. John is supported by other EMClarity and EM Solutions technical staff as required to ensure customer systems are working reliably.

John obtained his formal communications and electronics certificates whilst serving in the Royal Australian Navy. John joined Mitec in 1993 as a microwave workshop technician and became Supervisor Repairs / Customer Service Engineer with Codan in 1998. Lucent technologies hired John as BSS/Transmission Engineer for the OneTel Mobile Network Implementation in 2000-2001 after which John joined EM Solutions and Fultech where he was a Senior Technical Officer responsible for the research and development of Transient Blocking Units. 

Since 2006, John has managed the customer service and systems support for microwave link customers for EM Solutions, then EMClarity. John regularly visits customer sites in the field for installation and / or service repair work and carries the necessary electrical and safety certificates for this work.

With over thirty years’ experience in the telecommunications and electronics industry, John has a broad hands-on knowledge of the implementation, operation, maintenance and construction of telecommunications networks.

John Ness

John Ness helped found EM Solutions in 1998 and is the Chair of EMClarity. John has a B.E. (Electrical), B.A. and PhD from the University of Queensland and has been involved in the telecommunications industry since the 1970s. John’s specialist expertise is in electromagnetic analysis applied to products such as high power amplifiers, antennas, filters and feed networks. John helped set up Mitec as a public company in 1987, which became the basis for the RF/microwave industry in Queensland, Australia.

John also worked on the Interscan microwave landing system for the Australian aviation industry, which brought together the expertise of CSIRO, the Australian government and industry to create new technology and eventually companies. From Interscan through to EM Solutions he has developed products for radar, telecommunications and radioastronomy satellites, ground station equipment for miniature to large-scale earth stations, remote sensing equipment and microwave links. John has taken out patents in antennas and microwave heating applications.

In 2010 John was awarded the prestigious Clunies Ross Award by the Academy of Technological Scientists and Engineers for excellence in innovation.

Richard Harris

Richard has extensive electronic engineering qualifications and a strong microwave project delivery background. He also has prior entrepreneurial success taking Australian data communications semiconductor company Fultec to the USA in 2003, establishing it as an international semiconductor company servicing the telecommunications industry. Richard was invited by the Board of EM Solutions to found EMClarity in 2010.

Beginning with an established installed base of EM Solutions Microwave links, Richard assembled a specialist team of network design, engineering, project delivery, installation and service / support professionals to look after EMClarity customers in environmentally harsh, remote locations.

Richard then led the planning, design, engineering and development of new, enhanced Australian made microwave link products to keep pace with customer requirements for greater bandwidth and data throughput. EMClarity’s E620 and E1000 microwave link products resulted from this period.

Market demand for specialised microwave link solution applications at affordable prices led Richard to seek leading industry partners for EMClarity such as Huawei and SIAE to supply products to suit a range of specific Australian customer needs.

In 2013, Richard pioneered and championed the EM Solutions / EMClarity project to commercialise CSIRO’s world leading ultra-low latency E-Band radio technology for financial trading network applications for Spread Networks in the USA.

Richard has a Bachelor’s degree (Honours) and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Queensland, a number of post-graduate management qualifications, a Diploma in Corporate Directorship and has occupied advisory Board roles for start-up businesses. Richard is also a member of the Australian Standards committee for lightning protection working on the revision of AS1768.

Rowan Gilmore

Rowan joined EM Solutions as a Director in 2007 and became a Director of EMClarity in 2010. Rowan took on the role of Managing Director and CEO of EM Solutions in October 2011.

Rowan’s experience includes roles as Vice President, Engineering at Compact Software, where he introduced the world’s first harmonic balance nonlinear circuit simulator, and as Vice President, Network Services Europe for SITA-Equant, the global airline IT company, now part of France Telecom’s Orange network. Most recently he was CEO of the Australian Institute for Commercialisation, where he helped numerous start-up companies and worked to accelerate technology transfer between research institutions and industry.

Rowan obtained his D.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Washington University in St Louis. He is an adjunct professor of both Business and Electrical Engineering at the University of Queensland, and was elected a Fellow of the Academy of Technological Scientists and Engineers in 2009.

In The News

  • [ 1st August 2014 ]
    Spread Networks orders new Low Latency fibre speed radio from EMClarity
  • [ 1st April 2013 ]
    EMClarity leads prototype development project for worlds lowest latency E-Band radio
  • [ 1st January 2013 ]
    EMClarity and EM Solutions obtain Queensland Government BITI grant for Microwave products