EMClarity E10G E-Band Microwave radio

Made in Australia, EMClarity’s E10G is the world’s lowest latency (Layer 2) 5 Gbit/s, E-band (70 to 80 GHz) microwave radio – now installed and working for a US high-frequency trading network operator in New Jersey.

The high-frequency share trading market runs on information technology. The present race is for lower and lower latency (delay) in communications networks to match the speed of computer processing platforms that transact the trades. A fraction of a microsecond advantage in network latency can rapidly turn into millions of dollars.

Fibre optic networks carry signals seamlessly and reliably between exchanges, but only at approximately two-thirds of the speed of light. Microwave (wireless) technology transmits a signal at virtually light-speed and is seen to be the best solution for low-latency networks.  The technical challenge in building low-latency radio links is to simultaneously achieve high data rates, long range (link distance), and low-latency radio signal processing.

EMClarity working with EM Solutions, partnered with CSIRO, Australia’ national science and technology agency and, the inventor of WiFi, to prototype the E10G radio and has now engineered the production version which is installed and working in the US supporting ultra-low latency connectivity between Stock Exchange data centres.’

EMClarity E10G E-Band Microwave radio

EMClarity’s latest microwave product providing fibre-speed ultra low latency solutions specifically for financial markets.

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