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Date Document Brief Action
October 2015What the NBN means for Regional CouncilsThis paper briefly summerises what NBNCo has released concerning its network plans, pricing and build schedule - as it related to regional council communications requirements. More
October 2015Backhauling WIMAX on Wide Channel TDDThis paper looks at the advantages afforded by using wide channel TDD to backhaul WIMAX services. The paper specifically focuses on EMClarity's TDMA product which can provide greater than 100Mb/s data rates in channels as small as 20MHz. More
October 2015Link Path Analysis ReportAttached is a simple example of EMClarity's link path analysis report.More
October 2015What are MicrowavesA short background paper on microwave technology and how it can be used for data communicationsMore
October 2015Microwave Link Path AnalysisThis paper provides an overview of the issues and theory associated with microwave path analysis. 'More