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World-leading millimetre wave radio links for global Telco, enterprise and defence applications.

We challenge the usual operating assumptions used in radio design, using the brightest minds in the industry to stretch the boundaries of performance.

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Ground-breaking technology

Wider channel bandwidths and more robust modulation schemes are designed into our modem to operate on SNR levels that beat other approaches. Combined with high performance transmitters and receivers brings a radio with class leading availability performance. Links stay up longer through deteriorating weather. Patented real-time self-aligning antenna systems keep beams aligned to milli-degrees automatically.
Full duplex 10Gbps links already released, with planned releases to double that to 20Gbps then double again to 40Gbps. Ultra-low equipment latency makes our wireless solution a feasible alternative to optical fibre. These numbers represent world leading achievements for mmWave equipment. Superior availability means that maximum data throughput is maintained for longer avoiding adaptive degradation.
Our class leading approach to designing for superior availability delivers useable link ranges double those that would normally be expected. Our patented real-time self-aligning antenna systems keeps narrow mmWave beams aligned between the antennas to maximise the up-time of longer hops.



Staff profile

Dr John Ness

Chairman & Executive Director

John was a co-founder of EMClarity and also plays an active role in the governance and strategic leadership of the company.

Staff profile

Dr Ashoka Halappa

Chief Engineer

Ashoka brings more than 40 years’ experience as a microwave design engineer to lead our Engineering capability.

Staff profile

David White

Head of Operations

David takes care of all aspects of production, quality assurance, system handover, training and support for our clients.