About EMClarity

Global Leader in mmWave Technology



We design and produce world leading millimetre wave radio links for global Telco, enterprise and defence applications.

EMClarity continuously develops world-leading radio technology and a key to that is our collaboration with expert partners in industry, universities and government research institutes.

Working in partnership with EM Solutions and CSIRO (the inventors of WiFi), EMClarity led the design, development and manufacture of the world’s fastest, high-throughput, long-haul, ultra-low latency E-Band radio for financial trading network applications.

Our Story

We started our life designing and producing our products for the challenging conditions in Australia, ranging from extremes of temperature in the outback desert, to tropical thunderstorms in the north, to hops across the ocean to reach remote islands.

Now, we delight our customers globally with radio links that deliver a higher data rate, over a longer range and with better availability. When it comes to use cases that demand the utmost speed, our radios offer a winning combination of data throughput and ultra low latency.

The EMClarity Difference

What makes EMClarity trustworthy and reliable is our origins, our heritage and the depth of our experience. EMClarity was spun out of EM Solutions in 2009 and the two companies continue to foster a symbiotic, co-operative relationship. This means that we can tap into a cumulative hundreds of years of expert level experience in the design of microwave and millimetre wave systems. Add to that, EMClarity is active in an ecosystem of Universities, Research Organisations and technology companies that each add value to keeping our technology at the cutting edge.


Innovation & excellence

Our company values focus on innovation and excellence. We encourage every person in the organisation to challenge how we do things, to bring their better ideas forward, to call out something we are doing that could be done better; that is, to take personal ownership of the excellence of our products.

EM Clarity Technology

Awards for EM Clarity


Awards & Accolades

EMClarity, in partnership with CSIRO, won three awards at the 2017 AIIA Queensland iAwards:

  • Mobility Innovation of the Year
  • Research and Development Project of the Year
  • Industrial and Primary Industries Winner

We were also a nominee for the National AIIA iAwards in 2017 and won the PitchFest in our category.

EMClarity customers include

We have supplied network operators around the world offering ultra-low latency wireless communications between exchange data centres. The first of these deployments was on the route connecting the NYSE and NASDAQ exchanges. Our radios deliver a world leading combination of high data throughput, ultra-low latency and system availability.
Leading edge solutions have been provided for Defence applications, including to the US Navy and US Airforce. In another world first, the EMClarity E-band link connected a ship 14km offshore back to base on land and transferred over 2 Terabytes of data in less than an hour.
The EMClarity Telco link opens up exciting opportunities for Telecommunications carriers with its fibre like data speeds and ultra-low equipment latency making it an attractive option for 5G fronthaul and backhaul infrastructure.
EMClarity microwave links have been operating reliably for many years in networks operated by Police, Border Force and Coastguard agencies.
EMClarity radios deliver robust connectivity to remote locations in harsh environmental conditions, to serve the needs of resources sector users.


EMClarity partners represent the best in the industry – Partners in engineering technology innovation as well as partners with field proven microwave link products.

Our partners work with EMClarity to deliver a range of superior product solutions for customers to meet their telecommunications networking requirements.


EMClarity is based in Brisbane, Australia but supplies its leading products all around the world in carrier grade Telco applications, enterprise applications and defence applications.